Happy New Year! Now with the indulgent holiday months behind us, it’s time for a fresh focus! Adding fresh fruit or veggies to every meal makes each one tastier, healthier and more colorful. Whether it be topping your eggs with salsa or spinach to your wrap sandwich, these small additions can lead to long lasting, healthy eating habits. So if you don’t have time to prepare a giant salad, don’t fret, toss in something green (or red, yellow or purple) where you can and be on your way. Below are four fantastically fresh recipes to get you started.

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Chicken Chopped Wrap: Toss chicken with crunchy cucumbers, delicate avocados and fresh romaine lettuce for a satisfying lunch full of plant power.

chicken chopped wrap

 Chicken Fajita Wrap: Turn up the mariachi and make a chicken fajita wrap for dinner stuffed with sautéed bell peppers, onions and fresh lettuce or spinach.

chicken fajita wrap

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tacos: These fusion-inspired tacos combine the sizzle of Jamaican Jerk with the cool, sweetness of fresh mangoes and grilled pineapple.

jamaican jerk chicken tacos

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Quesadillas: Nothing says “buenos dias” like a delicious breakfast quesadilla topped with fresh salsa!

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Quesadilla