By Luz Ana Osbun

School is almost out for summer, and soon you’re child will be around a lot more, so now is a good time to get healthy meal and snack ideas ready! Food nourishes the body at every stage in a child’s life. Careful food choices early on not only helps ensure the nourishment of a child’s body, but also helps establish healthful eating patterns into adulthood. Offering a variety of nutrient rich foods regularly will help your child to appreciate the wide variety of foods available, as well as meet his or her nutrient needs. Children often refuse to eat certain foods—but don’t give up! If your child refuses to drink milk, offer another calcium rich food such as yogurt.  If your child refuses to eat cantaloupe, offer a mango, or an apricot (sources of Vitamin A). For kid-friendly balanced eating, avoid foods that can deliver excess calories such as drinks with added sugar, and sugary snacks and cereals. For example, instead of sweetened applesauce, choose unsweetened, or just go with a good old fresh sliced apple. For more information on healthy eating for kids, visit: www.MyPyramid.gov.

At La Tortilla Factory, we love working with kids and developing kid-friendly recipes.  Below is a great tasting “kid-approved” way to begin establishing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Mrs. Bribiescas’, first-grade class voted on their “winning” recipe—and the winner is (drum roll) please, is a nutrient dense Banana and Raisin Wrap using our Smart & Delicious™ 100 Calorie Whole Wheat tortillas.

This “kid approved” snack is filled with naturally sweet bananas, raisins, a sensible reduced fat cheese spread, and a dash of cinnamon!  Thank you Mrs. Bribiescas’, first-grade class of 2010, for letting La Tortilla Factory borrow your taste buds!

Banana and Raisin Wrap

1 La Tortilla Factory-100 Calorie Whole Wheat Tortilla

1  Small banana, sliced

2 Tbsp Raisins

4 Tbsp Reduced fat whipped cream cheese spread

½ tsp   Cinnamon powder


Place a Smart & Delicious™ 100 Calorie Whole Wheat Tortilla on plate.  Spread cream cheese evenly.

Along center of tortilla, layer sliced banana. Sprinkle raisins over bananas.  Sprinkle cinnamon powder over the layered bananas and raisins.

To wrap: fold in the ends of each tortilla, then take one side and roll away from your body in a tight jelly-roll fashion forming a tight roll.

Stay tuned for other great tasting “kid tested and approved” recipes from La Tortilla Factory to fuel your childs summer break!