By Kimberly Tessmer, RD, LD

You have been working hard all year long to keep your weight under control and then BAM, the holidays hit and food is the focus of everything!  Don’t panic!  With a conscious effort both you and your weight can survive the treat filled holidays!  This time of year can be tough on anyone trying to eat healthfully and maintain their weight but keep a few of these survival tips in mind and you should be able to begin and end the holiday season wearing your favorite pair of jeans.  Hey who knows, maybe you will even lose a few!

  • Be mindful of snacks and meals you are eating.  Mindless eating at home or parties can lead to the weight gain you dread.
  • Staying sober can serve two purposes.  First, alcohol can add tons of unwanted, empty calories.  Second, too much alcohol can destroy your resolve to eat healthy and in moderation.  Hey, it’s a party so have a few cocktails but spend the rest of the time sipping on water or club soda with a twist of lime.
  • Bring a healthier appetizer to parties and family gatherings so you always know there will be a dish there you can enjoy without worries.  La Tortilla Factory has lots of yummy healthy appetizer recipes on their website that would work perfectly!
  • Prepare for parties a head of time by eating a small healthy snack before leaving such as turkey, low fat cheese and cucumbers on your favorite La Tortilla Factory wrap.  This will help take the edge off your appetite making it easier to pick and choose healthier foods and keep you from over indulging on goodies.
  • Manage your stress levels that can lead to emotional overeating.  We are stressed enough everyday and with the obligations of the holidays stress levels can get out of control.  Try exercise, yoga, meditation, reading, or whatever activity relaxes you most.
  • Get plenty of sleep.  The demands of all the holiday celebrations can leave you feeling sluggish and sleep-deprived, which can lead to overeating not to mention a lack of exercise.
  • Stay active.  The worse thing you can do is set aside your regular workouts for holiday activities.  Keeping up on your exercise will help you to burn calories, reduce stress, help you sleep better and keep you motivated to eat healthy during the holiday season.  Make time for exercise and if you can increase it a bit during the holidays.
  • Do the planning.  If friends and family want to get together, do it at your house.  This way you have control over what is served.  If they want to go out to eat then offer to make the reservations so that you can choose an appropriate restaurant that serves healthier entrees.
  • Stand firm.  You know what your body can and cannot handle in the way of calories.  Make good decisions and make them for you not for anyone else.

Here is to a Happy and Slimming Holiday!