By Jenny Tamayo

My sister Katie is always complaining about how her kids are such picky eaters.  “Jenny, they don’t eat anything – but they do eat quesadillas.”  Simple, toasty and delicious, quesadillas are the Mexican equivalent to the all-American comfort food, the grilled cheese sandwich. Both are simple to prepare and equally popular with the kiddos.

Turning quesadillas into fun shapes is easy with cookie cutters and a few extra minutes in the kitchen.  With Halloween right around the corner, I opted for a large pumpkin shaped cutter and our Smart & Delicious™ Fiber & Flax Corn Tortillas to sneak in some extra health benefits.

One serving of these tortillas (2 tortillas per serving) pack in 20 grams of whole grains and “disguise” 5 grams of fiber, versus the 2 grams you get with a traditional corn.  The flax seed also gives a extra added punch of Omega-3 fatty acids – and all of this without changing their delicious corn taste!  Your kids won’t even know they’re eating healthy!


Place two tortillas on top of each other and press cookie cutter firmly through each layer.

Peel away the scraps, but don’t scrap ‘em, instead lightly fry and salt them – they make excellent soup and salad toppers.

Place one tortilla shape on a warmed skillet or fry pan on medium heat.  Top with your favorite cheese. Place matching tortilla shape on top.  Warm for 1-3 minutes or until cheese is melted.  Flip and repeat.  The tortillas should be light-brown in color and have toast marks.

Serve with guacamole, hummus or fruit.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!