When caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to turn to unhealthy snacks and meals from convenience stores and fast food drive-thrus – piling onto an already indulgent time of year!

But according to Molly Kimball, nationally-recognized Registered Dietitian, with a little planning there are a number of portable, better-for-you snack options that can help keep hunger and calorie-spend at bay during long trips or a day of shopping.

“With splurges at every turn this time of year, I recommend choosing snacks that are high in fiber and protein to make smaller portion sizes go a long way in helping you feel full until the party or large dinner gathering at night,” says Kimball. “One travel snack essential for me is using low calorie, high fiber wraps, like those from La Tortilla Factory, to create an array of portable snacks that really satiate.”

Molly’s “Better-For-You” Travel Wrap Inspirations:

  • Grab a large Low Carb/ High Fiber Tortilla then fold in a low-fat protein, like turkey and low-fat spreadable cheese.
  • Layer nut butter, fruit (think cut up fresh apples, peaches, banana, etc) and honey in a 100 Calorie Tortilla for a delicious wrapped up, easy to store treat.
  • Plan ahead and melt up some low-fat cheese, diced chicken and tomatoes in Soft Wrap Mini 50-calorie tortillas. Cut into wedges these can be easily stored in portable sandwich containers or Ziplock bags.

According to Molly, the options are endless!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy during the holiday season?