Expand your taco talents this Cinco de Mayo! Whether you’re looking for something slightly exotic or a fan of the classics, we’ve included something for everyone in this month’s blog post. Whisk away to the markets of Marrakesh with our Moroccan Spiced Fish Tacos or try our exotic Turkish Chicken Tacos. Searching for something más clásico? Take a stab at our Cast Iron Carne Asada or Slow Cooker Carnitas. Each recipe includes directions for a simple salsa or taco topping to up your taco game. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cast Iron Carne Asada

The beauty of these tacos lies within their simplicity, where the ingredients get to speak for themselves. We highly recommend wrapping these simple steak tacos with any of our thick, Hand Made Style Tortillas for a taco match made in heaven. Heat the tortillas over a gas flame to get the best char marks and serve with a cold Mexican beer. ¡Ay de mi!  Click here for the recipe.


Korean Steak Tacos

Inspired by the iconic Kogi Taco Truck, these tacos are a happy marriage of Korean and Mexican flavors. Our version takes a cue from the Korean specialty bulgogi– thinly sliced marinated steak that takes on a delicious caramelized quality as it sizzles in a hot cast-iron skillet. Top these beauties with Mexican crema, tangy kimchi or our signature grilled-pineapple mango salsa for a seriously unforgettable taco experience. Click here

Korean Steak Tacos V ertical

Moroccan Spiced Fish Tacos

A few years ago, I traveled to Morocco and basically had my mind blown on many different levels. But for our purposes, I’ll stay focused on the food. Here’s what you need to know: it’s absolutely out-of-this-world delicious. I haggled my way to a few bags of spices from the markets of Marrakesh, and together with the culinary team here at the factory, we created these delicious Moroccan Spiced Fish Tacos as tribute to my time in Africa. See some photos from my trip here and be sure to try the recipe – click here for that!

Moroccan Spiced Fish Tacos with Mediterranean Salad-023-2

Slow Cooker Carnitas Street Tacos

We served these tacos at an engagement party last summer and they were a big hit. We cooked up a big batch of these carnitas and made like a million toppings to accompany them. Guests sipped wine while leisurely helping themselves to tacos throughout the afternoon. We stood nearby heating tortillas in the moment – but you could just as easily pre-heat a big batch and tightly wrap them in foil or a kitchen towel. If you’re looking for a fun, make-ahead, build your own taco bar kind of party pleaser– this is your jam. Get the recipe here!


Turkish Chicken Tacos

The flavor of these tacos is inspired by the chicken kabobs popular in Lebanon and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean. The yogurt sauce is based on the Turkish version of tzatziki and uses refreshing mint. For these exotic tacos, we suggest our thick, Hand Made Style Flour Tortillas, Grande Size. They’re the perfect stand in for pita bread and deliver a soft, smooth taste that compliments all of the yumminess inside. Get the recipe here!