Trick Them With These Treats

By Jenny Tamayo My sister Katie is always complaining about how her kids are such picky eaters.  “Jenny, they don’t eat anything – but they do eat quesadillas.”  Simple, toasty and delicious, quesadillas are the Mexican equivalent to the all-American…

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Fresh Spring Eating

Fatima Villalobos, MS, MEd Spring has sprung!  What a beautiful sight it is to see; the colorful fruits and vegetables this bountiful season brings to our grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  While we can access canned, dried, and frozen vegetables…

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National Margarita Day

It’s National Margarita Day! Today, we honor the tequila, triple sec and lime drink we love so dearly. The margarita is a symbol of friendship, good times and overall enhancement of food and life. To really celebrate, this drink needs…

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