We go above and beyond the necessary measures to ensure that our plant properly functions as a gluten-free manufacturing facility during the production of our gluten free products. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), which certifies our plant as a gluten free manufacturing facility, inspects us on an ongoing basis. We’ve been producing our Gluten Free, Wheat Free Ivory Teff Wraps since 2006 and have passed every inspection, every time.

From the time the gluten free raw ingredients are received, through the time they become a finished gluten free product, they are kept isolated from all other ingredients and products. We even have separate, color-coded measuring utensils, used for gluten free ingredients only!

Our Gluten Free, Wheat Free Ivory Teff Wraps are always manufactured on equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned, following strict Gluten Free Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. A detailed pre-operation protein swab inspection is conducted before any production starts and during gluten free production we randomly test the wraps for the presence of gluten up to 10ppm (parts per million), to ensure that the wraps are gluten free.