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Organic Backyard Veggie Wrap

California temperatures have been cookin’ lately, so we’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping (no joke) outside as much as possible. These refreshing vegetarian wraps are ideal for sweltering summer days and look no further than your own backyard for a…

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Ham and Cheese Tortilla Omelets

Guys, we cannot emphasize enough how yummy these are. The richness of the ham, cheese and eggs – plus the surprise chewiness of our Hand Made Style Flour Tortillas inside is just a freaky-good combination. Bonus points if you decide…

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Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana…

Post and Recipes by: Huckle & Goose Amigos and Amigas, We’ve partnered with our friends at La Tortilla Factory of the best tortillas you can buy this side of the border—to bring you an all-planned-out-for-you Cinco de Mayo fiesta. It’s…

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Kale Yeah!

If you’re feeling a bit wrecked after the holidays, this Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap can quickly get you back on track. Haven’t jumped on the kale train yet? No worries – this is a great starting point. The creaminess of…

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Bonjour, Tortilla French Toast!

Tortilla French Toast is the clever cross between crepes, tortillas and French Toast. The batter is basically the same (we used eggnog for an extra holiday punch) but as you might have guessed, the recipe calls for tortillas instead of…

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