The “Big Game” is right around the corner and more than 110 million people across America will be glued to the television while munching on their favorite tailgate snacks.

Luckily, we have three crowd-pleasing recipes to help you kick your party off strong. Besides, being stuck in the kitchen all day on the greatest sporting event of the year is a huge red flag. So huddle up team. And choose from any of these three winning recipes:

#1 Cochinita Pibil for the Win:

This traditional pork dish comes from Yucatan Peninsula and is marinated in chiles and citrus juices while being slow-roasted in an underground pit. You can pair it with fresh tortillas, refried black beans and pickled onions. But don’t worry if you don’t have an underground pit available, we’ve got you covered with a slow cooker option! Simply put the pork and our Cochinita Pibil Sauce Starter into the crock pot in the morning and your dish will be ready by game time.


#2 Take a Timeout for Barbacoa:

Barbacoa is steamed and slow cooked until succulent. The tender, spicy, beef pulls apart nicely. For your football party, try barbacoa beef with soft tortillas or add a scoop atop your favorite chips to create “advanced nachos.” Top with slices of jalapeño, radishes and serve with lime wedges.


#3 Al Pastor for the Party:

This is what the original tacos were all about. One of Mexico’s signature dishes, al pastor is a marinade sauce made with chiles and red achiote paste. Al Pastor originated thanks to Lebanese immigrants who came to Mexico and brought shwarma to the country at the turn of the century – to delicious results. We cooked chicken in the Al Pastor Cocina Fresca sauce. Simply delicious!


So this year, impress your football party guests with bold, authentic original Mexican dishes. We offer all of these flavors and more in our new sauce starter line, Cocina Fresca. Paired with our Non-GMO Hand Made Style tortillas served warm, these three dishes will seriously kick your tailgate game to a new level.