Kale Yeah!

If you’re feeling a bit wrecked after the holidays, this Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap can quickly get you back on track. Haven’t jumped on the kale train yet? No worries – this is a great starting point. The creaminess of…

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Cancer Divides, We Unite

The Tamayo Family has been personally touched by breast cancer and that is why they are dedicated to supporting the critical research needed to find a cure. This October La Tortilla Factory will donate 25 cents per purchase of our…

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Low and Behold…

We’re excited to introduce you to our new and improved Low Carb Flour and Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas. We took our most popular tortillas and made them even better by simplifying their ingredient lists, tossing out the GMOs, and brightening…

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1130x500 veggie wrap

Summer Wrap-Up

Summer may be fading, but our home gardens are still growing strong with crisp cucumbers, colorful carrots and fragrant basil. From this bounty sprouted the idea for these organic veggie wraps. And let’s just say their flavors are really growing on…

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Fish Tacos 1130 x 500

Aloha! Let’s Have Fish Tacos!

On a recent work trip to Hawaii, we came across a food truck gold mine – a dusty little lot filled with an impressive selection of cuisine including Cajun shrimp, French crepes, and Hawaiian ahi bowls. The decision was tough…

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Cinco_website hero_1130x500

Cinco Killer Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Expand your taco talents this Cinco de Mayo! Whether you’re looking for something slightly exotic or a fan of the classics, we’ve included something for everyone in this month’s blog post. Whisk away to the markets of Marrakesh with our…

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