La Tortilla Chile Verde Recipe

Chile Verde

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo quite like the taste of authentic Chile Verde. Celebrate with a delicious blend of tomatillos, chiles, and tender pork created by our friend and grillmaster Chef Anthony Serrano.  Prep time: 15 min | Cook time:…

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La Tortilla Factory Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza

Our friend and grillmaster Chef Anthony Serrano created the ultimate Mexican Pizza– perfectly sized for individual portions or when entertaining a crowd. Prep time: 15 min | Cook time: 30 min | Serves 4 Ingredients – Taco Meat 1 La Tortilla…

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Chipotle CopyCat Chicken Burrito

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. So when it came time for our amiga Cilantro-Parsley to create a burrito, it’s no surprise she got her inspiration from the iconic silver-wrapper. Made complete with cilantro rice, chicken thighs, black beans,…

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La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Taco Dog

Hot Docos

What do you get when you combine a classic summer staple with our best-selling tortillas? Taco Dogs! No matter what you call them, it’s a simple summer equation: Hot Dogs + Tortillas = Hot Docos. Wrap them up with your…

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DIY Choco Tacos

I-scream, You-scream, we all scream for…TACOS! We’re serving up a scoop of nostalgia with our homemade version of Choco Tacos. No ice cream truck required. Prep time: 45 min | Wait time: 3 hours | Serves: makes 8 individual choco…

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S’mores Crunchwrap

When it comes to summertime treats, traditional s’mores certainly tops our list of favorites. We reimagined this summer staple to pack in more crunch, more chocolate, and all of the gooey flavor. Make it over a campfire, on the grill,…

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Salsa Baja Grilled Veggies

Kick your veggies up a notch with the bold, authentic flavor of our Salsa Baja Sauce Starter. Made with a blend of bright herbs, a citrus medley and a hint of garlic. Prep time: 10 – 20 min | Cook…

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Pineapple-Citrus Chicken Tacos

This bright -flavored marinade will become your new go-to, and it also works well with shrimp or cubed firm fish, such as mahimahi, halibut or tuna. If you want to keep this gluten-free, opt for tamari or coconut aminos in…

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Ultimate Skirt Steak Tostadas

Tacos are usually the star of the show around here, but just wait until you try the Ultimate Skirt Steak Tostadas. Gracias to our amigo, Chef Anthony Serrano for partnering with us to create this delicious recipe. Be sure to…

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